This Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) is open to the public. The proceeds of all funds will be locked in a liquidity pool on to bootstrap the trading of $UMI.

Read the following instructions carefully;

Token Info

Symbol: UMI
Type: XOR-SS58
Decimals: 18
Price 0.00024 USD
Minimum buy-in: 1 XOR
ILO Sale Period: 30th July to 20th Aug (Technically 00:00 August 21st, JST)

To purchase $UMI send Sora (XOR) to the address below:


●UMI tokens will be sent back automatically to the sending address.
●Do not send less than 1 XOR
●Make sure you use your OWN address (which you have access to
the private keys) and NOT an exchange address.
●Mistakes cannot be refunded
●UMI tokens will be sent back in batches (every 12 hours)
●$UMI tokens can be added to Polkaswap, see FAQ ( for more information