Frequently Asked Questions is a decentralised art project built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains. Focusing on the development of Non-Fungible Tokens and their applications in art and finance. combines DeFi farming with hand-drawn NFTs in a modern digital art gallery experience.

$UMI is the token of $UMI will be used to pay for services and the purchase of exclusive handrawn digital artwork and collections, within the Umi Digital ecosystem. $UMI will also be staked to farm rare NFT’s and other rewards in the near future. Collect them for yourself or sell on the open market in accordance with Roadmap release dates.

There is a fixed supply of 33,000,000,000 UMI tokens

Non‑fungible tokens (NFTs) are a special type of token on the Ethereum network that are used to create verifiable digital scarcity. That means your collectable NFT Cards are limited and digitally scarce. If you feel that they have value, you might want to sell them on or Open Sea to other people.

Our NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. After Sora main-net launch we will consider migration from ETH to XOR or DOT and start minting on that blockchain as deemed appropraite. We will not take the decision of migration litely and will consider voting rights to stakeholders as a possible way to come to a decision.
See Roadmap and our Telegram channels for details Q3, 2021.

No. UMI is fixed supply

No, it is not possible to mine UMI.

Private Pre-sale &  Strategic Partner distribution of UMI tokens will commence on 4th April 2021 and run until 20th April 2021.
Wallets holding a Sora Genesis Edition NFTs at the time of Snapshot (snapshot for addresses taken 1st July 2021) will receive said $UMI airdrop.
UMI will also be avaliable to purchase on the open market.

Open MetaMask and click on the menu icon
Click on the “ADD TOKEN” button
Select “Custom Token” tab
Paste the following contract address into “Token Address” field:


Click the “NEXT” button
Click the “ADD TOKENS” button

We plan to release a new Sora Genesis artpiece each week on reputable NFT marketplaces (notably OpenSea & Unique.One to begin) until the total 33 pack edition is avaliable for purchase on the open market. As noted in our Roadmap our inhouse artist Blaze is, and will be, busy designing our second planned release; Wizard NFTs, hand drawn the UMI way.
We have plans for numerous forward-thinking and ”hot” designs aswell as themed NFT’s which will be released to the community at a later date.

Umi Tokens, Liquidity Pool Tokens and NFT’s! Each NFT has its own unique properties and magical powers. Tokens and Multiple NFT’s can be staked together for turbo-charged APY generating power boosting results!

Yes! For sure. This is a feature we had to include. Umi aims to link artists and blockchain technology together.

Indeed – correct! There will be a marketplace for you to purchase and sell NFT’s!

Well we are breaking the mold here. Umi loves to bring the physical art to digital and back again. We will have our very own Umi Art Gallery for people to purchase one of a kind, hand drawn physical pieces, with the ability to pay in Umi Token amongst other Payment Methods, for worldwide express delivery.

Your APY returns! Mixing Umi Tokens and NFT’s will turbo-charge your Umi Token pool.

Annual percentage yield

Essentially yes, differently priced NFT’s will provide different powers and yields within our application.

All Umi NFT’s will generate staking powers! Please take a look at our Medium Article for more information:

Umi will be listed on a variety of exchanges. Most notably Polkaswap & Uniswap. In future we will also launch on further exchanges. We have a ‘foot in the door’ with a very large exchange. Stay tuned!

Most certainly. Polkaswap, Sora and co are fundamental to our existence. We will for sure be listed on Polkaswap.